We are very excited to announce that the EAT YOUR SIDEWALK COOKBOOK is for sale! You can buy it from Amazon or the Createspace estore.

EAT YOUR SIDEWALK is a sweeping ecological reimagining of how, what and where to eat. It is a manifesto and a joyous call to action — an extended meditation on our place in the world, how we could connect to our environment, and what it means to rethink how we cook and eat as a pleasurable ecological act. It is equal parts cookbook, detective novel, travel diary, philosophical inquiry and urban foraging guide. At 437 pages it contains over 100 recipes for everything from “Purslane Salad” to “Nature.” Recipes that ask us to begin cooking by looking directly under our feet. There are recipes for fermenting, roasting, using decorative plants, and new ways of being. We have made 38 diagrams to help explain the ideas. Additionally there are numerous drawings, notes and sketches from our travel journals and hundreds of full color images. Take a look, and get a copy today!