As 2012 kicks off we are seeing that this year will envolve a number of really interesting project involving food. And we thought that it would be a good moment to remember some wonderful meals! Some have been quite fancy events:

Others far out to sea as part of investigations:

For a season we ran a series of three pop-up restaurants (before the term existed!) These were astonishing sites of experimentation into ways of cooking (algorithmic meals), foraging + gleaning, food politics, community production, and the commons:

Cooking has also been part of classes and workshops. (We even where in Italy to “teach Italians how to cook”).

Recently we where up in Nome looking at hunting, foodways and the commons. (We made a little restaurant as a headquarters for this):

And quite often food is simply part of the pleasure of life that surronds projects:

So — here’s to adventures in food, cooking, foraging, gleaning and the commons — please drop us a line in 2012!