MATR: Research Trip 2

David and I (Brian) have been up here in Kitchener for a few days now doing some research into the area. This part of the background sleuthing that we have been doing for the last year or so in conjunction with our project @ CAFK+A. The overarching project is a continuation of our exploration into how we are producing new forms of time (for more of a background into this see the blog entry on “sensing time” or the projects: Deeptime Rapidtime, and MATR). On previous trips we looked into histories of the region and how natural and human systems are interwoven. On this trip we focused more on the world of the cell phone. Mainly because we are developing a type of app for both Mac and Android platforms that would act as a new sense organ for deeptime.

But more about our sleuthing: Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting with Kathleen Barsoum, the Coordinator of Waste Management. She gave an interesting tour of the facility that now has us all thinking about e-waste; where materials come from and where they end up.

1/2 a days worth of paper recycling

The first cell took 15 years to fill. Now it takes about 6.

Companion Species: Harris Hawk used to chase seagulls away

The project has really taken shape this week…we’re all looking forward to what comes next.