What We Do

We are interested in the ecological responsive transformation of everyday life for communities, institutions and ecosystems. We work from a systems perspective across multiple scales to creatively rethink problems in the most collaborative, innovative and effective manners possible. Our approach is unique in that we work from in the middle of an issue in an multistage immersive and emergent manner probing for new possibilities, logics, collaborators, and systems. We follow through to design, build and implement long term real world solutions.


Some of the goals of recent projects:

  • Assist a community to develop an ecological plan seemingly intractable environmental pollution
  • Consult on alternative energy systems and policy
  • Implement new ecology+arts curriculum at the University level
  • Collaborate with multiple communities to develop new regional ecological and economic systems
  • Collaboratively Design and Build Ecological Housing
  • Lead city wide research into new urban strategies
  • Develop a plan for university Arts integration
  • Rivershed Community Programming
  • Food systems reimagining
  • Work with Museums to rethink/redefine art, ecology, and engagement
  • Developing new forms of Commons for urban regions

For more about how we work  please take a look here.



  • Ecological Design Research
  • Urban Foraging for Commons Production
  • Food Systems and Urban Ecologies
  • Institutional Development and Innovation
  • Multi-Stakeholder Ecological Systems Pre-Design
  • Ecological Education and Design
  • Creativity and Innovation for Eco-Social Entrepreneurship
  • Art & Ecology — Design and Implementation
  • Custom Design and Production (from a spoon to a house)
  • Urban Planning and Programming
  • Off the Grid Housing Systems
  • Indigenous Architecture and Planning
  • Alternative Energy Systems Development, Integration and Policy
  • Commons & Public Space Production
  • Systems Design
  • Institutional Development


We bring a diverse, highly experienced team to all of our projects, from systems designers, to master builders, to ecologists, artists and architects. This allows us to be very nimble and truly innovative in our solutions. We develop a unique custom program for each of our clients and each issue that we face .


Please contact us to discuss how we might collaborate: spurse01@gmail.com