Eat Your SIdewalk Cookbook



We have just published our ground-breaking category defying cookbook!

It is a manifesto and a call to action. We want to inspire you to find wonder and ecological possibilities directly underfoot. We want to launch a sidewalk-to-table revolution that changes our cities and gives us a new sense of community and place!

Working on this book took us across three continents, dozens of cities, towns and villages, foraging with hundreds of people from the high arctic to mid-town Manhatten. We met up with chefs such as Rene Redzepi, back-to-the-landers, subsistence hunters, ecologists, shaman, priests and curious folks from Poland to Japan.

This book is an extended meditation on our place in the world, how we could connect to our environment, and what it means to rethink how we cook and eat as a pleasurable ecological act. It is equal parts cookbook, detective novel, travel diary, philosophical inquiry and urban foraging guide.

It is no ordinary book: at 437 pages it contains over 100 recipes. Recipes for everything from “Purslane Salad” to “Nature.” Recipes that ask us to begin cooking by looking directly under our feet. There are recipes for wines, roasts, decorative plants, and new ways of being. We have made 38 diagrams to help explain ideas. Additionally there are many drawings, notes and sketches from our travel journals — not to mention hundreds of images.

You can buy it from our new website dedicated to this project here.


‘Provocative. Insightful. Transformative. A must read for all those interested in contemporary ideas of the commons, and their connections to food, ecology and community today.’

Linda Weintraub, Historian & Critic. Author of TO LIFE! Eco-Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet


‘EAT YOUR SIDEWALK lives up to its promise to deliver mind-bending recipes that totally redefine what it is to be a cookbook. And maybe more importantly, what it means to act locally.’

Nathaniel Corum, Ecological Designer & Author of The Straw Bale House


‘This is the cookbook that chefs, and all those who believe in the transformative power of cooking, have been waiting for! This book is challenging, rascally and full of genuinely brilliant cooking. Wandering across my city, and working in my kitchen will never be the same.’

Leon Johnson, Detroit Chef & Artist


’At a time, when urban poverty and food security are some of the most pressing challenges faced by our cities today, EAT YOUR SIDEWALK takes the Farm to Fork movement one step further to Sidewalk to Fork, challenging us to think about the potential of a place in a way that’s more personal than ever before.’

Stephen Engblom, AECOM Global Cities Director