Live Feeds


Live Feeds is a program of research focused on the radical transformation of our ideas about comfort that threads through the entire 11 weeks of the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Live Feeds is a program developed and led by spurse, designed for deep and rich public collaborations. By the end of this phase of Live Feeds, we foresee the emergence of ideas about comfort that are unexpected and beyond what we already know.

How does Live Feeds work? Each week’s program consists of two events: “FeedBack Forums” on Wednesdays and “FeedForward Fieldwork” on Fridays. “FeedBack Forums” are held in the lab and are focused on the shaping and re-shaping of research questions. “FeedForward Fieldwork” sessions then launch these research questions into action and out into the field to see what happens when we put these ideas to work. The cycle of feedback and feedforward inflects on the Lab, charging each week with an ever-richer set of questions and possibilities.

How does Live Feeds feedforward into the long-term goals of the Lab? This research will gradually build into what we call our Live Feeds Atlas. This Atlas exists online at and at

We would love if you’d join us on a regular basis.