The Civil Appetites

As part of ” Eat It: Artists Explore Food & Consumption
April 4 – May 12, 2013
Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY


The Civil Appetites, is an experimental dinner event aimed at exploring future food ways. It is based on the strong belief that we need to locate subsistence practices and a logic of the commons at the core of our food practices. Today we face a real worldwide crisis and much of it has to do with how we have become consumers of food. These modern practices of consumption are destroying the environment, undermining our communities and taking an enormous toll on our own well being and health. While we continue to subsidize corporate agri-business, how we eat is literally killing the planet.


By fostering the active cooperation of farmers, consumers, students and researchers, we seek to create a food system that thrives economically, environmentally, and socially. The Civil Appetites will feature a draft of spurse’s experimental cookbook Eat Your Sidewalk.


Please join us on Friday May 3rd 2013 for the following events:
10AM – 4PM Eating Place: An urban foraging workshop
Join us for a gleaning walk to share knowledge and sense a world of pleasures under our feet. Is it possible to map new habits and ways of being in the city? How can sensing our environment activate non-consumer patterns? We will collect edibles from parks, dumpsters, restaurants, markets and create a “freegan” picnic. Dress code: be ready for a little dirt and adventure. Space is limited, please RSVP to Matthew Friday at:
7PM – 10PM: The Civil Appetites
Taste the local with food gleaned from the streets of Rochester. Come celebrate spurse’s experimental cookbook Eat Your Sidewalk and join in the discussion!


This event is the outcome of a collaboration between the research and consultation collaborative spurse ( and Megan Charland, as well as regional farmers, gleaners, foragers, hunters, experimental chefs and the pioneering art and performance space Rochester Contemporary Art Center. The ceramic eating apparatuses in this exhibition were designed by a team from the State University of New York at New Paltz including Professor Jen Woodin and Gale DellaRocco, Shoji Miyazawa, Amy Williams, Missy Graff, Ensang Cho, Cameron Anderson, Priscilla Dobbler, Maureen McCourt (graduate Students), and the ceramics department at the Tyler School of Art