White Papers

Spurse has been engaged in a number of different forms of writing practice. As a collective we have authored urban design interventions, public policy documents, biological field assessments, sustainability plans for emergent infrastructures and a number of project specific documents. Listed below are examples of these texts.


Eating Place: We are working to develop a logic of non-consumer practices and habits that engage with new ideas of subsistence. Here is the blog site for this project: Eating Place. We are currently writing a type of “cook book”: Eating Place: An Arctic Field Guide to Future Foodways. Coming in the fall!


Time Drills: How do we understand and feel the multiple forms of time that make up our current reality? Here are a series of research exercises that activate this question: Time Drills Web Site. You can also purchase a book of exercises we developed for The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art (@ Lulu Books) or another version that we developed for Art Journal (Art Journal Reprints).


Listening Posts: Politics is so often about being heard — staking a claim — and seeing it become policy. But what is listening? Is it just hearing the others view? Listening exceeds identity and is a very active process that leads to becoming a subject. We developed a series of exercises in this form of listening to parallel the last Democratic National Convention in Denver. Here is a link to these exercises: 11 Listening Posts.


Towards an Aesthetics of the Real. 2010. A how-to manual for ecological production (after nature).


Three Diagrammatic Researches and 11Thesis on Hyper-Natural Entanglements. 2008. An extended meditation on agency, the individual, critique and the possibility of action (in the form of a rewriting of Marx’s 11 thesis on Feurbach). From the Whitewall’s book Useful Pictures. Edited by Adelheid Mers.  A mediation on nature/culture entanglements. The catalog can be purchased here.


An Interview with Beth Hinderliter for Drain Magazine, 2008. A discussion of spurse’s methodology, relation to other organizations and specific projects. Focusing in on interventionist alternatives to the Situationalists and the conceptual politics of critique.


Vectoral Generosities. 2007. A field guide for the development of provisional restaurants and a general statement about algorithmic techniques of design. Written for Catalogue on Moving Site Project 2005-2006.


Discarded Recipes & Other Partial Memories written for ArtLies journal, 2005. A discussion on embodied practices and their ability to catalyze dynamic systems.


Investigations in Place. Some Thoughts on Psychogeographic Mapping Strategies in an Examination of the working Coasts of Maine. 2005.


Skinning. 2005. Written for a book edited by Chris Thompson and Ame Beseriee on Eating. Recollection of a peeled grape and the process of fermentation.


Object-Object, Person-Person, Place-Place. Western Front Journal. 2004. An analysis of the role of place in ontological relations.


Notes on the Archive. 2004. A discussion about the relationship between archives and the commons and the way these organize forces, events and materials.


Notes Towards Urbanism. 2003. Towards an ethics of composition. Thoughts on populations, spatiality and temporality.