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The ground-breaking EAT YOUR SIDEWALK COOKBOOK is challenging ecological reimagining of how, what and where to eat. Part manifesto and wholly a joyous call to action, this cookbook is an extended meditation on our place in the world, how we could connect to our environment, and what it means to rethink how we cook and eat as a pleasurable ecological act.

THE EAT YOUR SIDEWALK COOKBOOK is a beautiful synergy of travel journal, philosophical inquiry, experimental anthropology, environmental call to action, manifesto on the pleasures of urban foraging, a historical inquiry into cooking styles, and a challenging experimental recipe guide. Weighing in at over 400 pages, it is Mastering the Art of French Cooking big, El Bulli bold and Honey from a Weed beautiful with over 500 pictures, 100 diagrams, and more than 250 recipes.

Described by René Redzepi, Chef and Co-owner of NOMA. Four-time winner of ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ award as, “exactly the kind of philosophical look at foraging that is needed today.” 

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