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Machines for the Intensive Research of Interior Bio-Geographies (Micromobilia). Exhibited as part of the Experimental Geographies Exhibition organized by Creative Time. Venues include: DePauw University, Rochester Art Center, Albuquerque Museum, Carnegie Mellon Miller Gallery. Approximate installed size 12’(l)x18’(w)x8’(h). 2008-2009.

Micromobilia is a mobile laboratory that unfolds out of three shipping crates. This laboratory was designed to be utilized within institutional settings to further research the intra-weavings of the biological, the social, and the geographical. We are interested in supporting independent and autonomous research over time to sample, investigate, and catalyze the microbiological geography of institutional interiors. Micromobilia consists of research unit(s) and practices geared to investigate and experiment with the microbiological strata of an institution with the goal of destabilizing what we consider inside and outside. The embedded tools and exercises allow participants to understand themselves within a vast and complex web of human and non-human relations

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