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January 21 – May 26, 2006

ArtSPACE, New Haven CT; Rockingham Arts & Museum Project, Bellows Falls VT; Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge MA


This project consisted of three restaurants in which every component of the restaurant had to be free. Free space, free materials, free foods and astonishing free meals. The larger conceptual idea was quite simple: how could one develop a commercial space in a highly trafficked location that could take advantage and experiment with of all the excesses in the urban environment? Excesses in property – vacant storefronts; excesses in materials — free supplies — plywood, metal, scaffolding old desks etc.; excesses in labor — work; excesses in ideas — etc. We imagined a restaurant drifting and surfing the urban landscape — gleaning space, materials, energies, ideas, times, and new forms of eating and cooking. And that these excesses of our contemporary world could lead towards the creation of an excess of new manners of being in the world.

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